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The Power of Positive Thinking

Norman Vincent Peale

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Napoleon Hill's transformational classic on creating wealth

Also includes the bonus essay "Adversity-A Blessing in Disguise"

Originally published in 1937, Napoleon Hill's life-changing philosophy of success has sold millions of copies and changed cou... More details on Think and Grow Rich

Truly, “thoughts are things,” and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire for their translation into riches, or other material obje...
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Is the financial plan of mediocrity -- a dream-stealing, soul-sucking dogma known as "The Slowlane" your plan for creating wealth? You know how it goes; it sounds a lil something like this: "Go to school, get a good job, save 10% of your paycheck, bu... More details on The Millionaire Fastlane

Big Daddyhoo: “Yo dawg, we gotz the Ferrari F430 over there with the 22-inch rims, the sick Lamborghini Gallardo over there with the custom 10-speaker stereo, and for those nights when I just wanna ch...
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Most startups fail. But many of those failures are preventable. The Lean Startup is a new approach being adopted across the globe, changing the way companies are built and new products are launched.

Eric Ries defines a startup as an organization ded... More details on The Lean Startup

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The Slight Edge is a way of thinking, a way of processing information that enables you to make the daily choices that will lead you to the success and happiness you desire. Learn why some people make dream after dream come true, while others just con... More details on The Slight Edge

I want to tell you about two friends I’ve known since I was a kid, guys from my old neighborhood in New Mexico. These two characters grew up together, went to school together, graduated together, and ...
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Over 12 million copies sold!

A New York Times bestseller for 10 years running.

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love-that's the challenge. How can you keep your relationship fresh and growing amid the demands, conflicts, and just plain boredom of... More details on The 5 Love Languages

“Well,” he said, “I’ve been married three times, and each time, it was wonderful before we got married, but somehow after the wedding it all fell apart. All the love I thought I had for her and the lo...
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The timeless and practical advice in The Magic of Thinking Big clearly demonstrates how you can:... More details on The Magic of Thinking Big

Several years ago I witnessed an exceptionally impressive sales meeting. The vice president in charge of marketing for this company was tremendously excited. He wanted to drive home a point. He had wi...
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A timeless business classic, Who Moved My Cheese? uses a simple parable to reveal profound truths about dealing with change so that you can enjoy less stress and more success in yo... More details on Who Moved My Cheese?

The four imaginary characters depicted in this story— the mice: “Sniff” and “Scurry,” and the Littlepeople: “Hem” and “Haw”— are intended to represent the simple and the complex parts of ourselves, re...
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Learn the proven, time-tested principles to breaking your worry habits-now and forever-with Dale Carnegie's expert advice so you can start living your best carefree life today.

With Dale Carnegie's timeless advice in hand, more than six million peopl... More details on How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Thirty-Five years ago, I was one of the unhappiest lads in New York. I was selling motor-trucks for a living. I didn't know what made a motor-truck run. That wasn't all: I didn't want to know. I despi...
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It's been nearly 25 years since Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad first made waves in the Personal Finance arena.

It has since become the #1 Personal Finance book of all time... translated into dozens of languages and sold around the world.

Rich ... More details on Rich Dad, Poor Dad

“Because today Jimmy’s mom drove up in their new Cadillac, and they were going to their beach house for the weekend. He took three of his friends, but Mike and I weren’t invited. They told us we weren...
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Extreme success, by definition, lies beyond the realm of normal action. If you want to achieve extreme success, you can't operate like everybody else and settle for mediocrity. You need to remove luck and chance from your business equation, and lock ... More details on The 10x Rule

The 10X Rule is the one thing that will guarantee that you will get what you want in amounts greater than you ever thought imaginable. It can work in every area of life—spiritual, physical, mental, em...
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