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From the national bestselling author of The Mermaid comes a mind-bending novel inspired by the twisted and wondrous works of Lewis Carroll…

In a warren of crumbling buildings and desperate people called the Old City, there stands a hospital with cin... Read more about Alice

If she moved her head all the way up against the wall and tilted it to the left she could just see the edge of the moon through the bars. Just a silver sliver, almost close enough to eat. A sliver of ...


An m/m World War II-era retelling of Beauty and the Beast.During a chance summer shower, an English country parson takes refuge in a country house. The house seems deserted, yet the table is laid with a sumptuous banquet such as the parson has not s... Read more about Briarley

Others might have quibbled that Rose was not the most beautiful girl in the world, or even the prettiest girl in the village of Lesser Innsley. But to the parson she was all loveliness, all the more ...


Once Upon a Time…

Scarlett Riding is NOT an ugly stepsister. Cinderella is the evil one in the family and Letty is determined to prove it. Unfortunately, that's kinda hard to do from behind bars. After the debacle at the ball, Letty and her sister... Read more about Wicked Ugly Bad

For the six weeks, Scarlett Riding had been locked inside the Wicked, Ugly and Bad Mental Health Treatment Center and Maximum Security Prison. She knew what crazy looked like. Letty had spent the pa...


Once upon a time there was a scheming, lying tart who cared for nothing but her own pleasures and her shoe collection. Once the peerlessly beautiful Lady Catriona, consort to the king, Cat's fortunes fall far when her aged husband dies.

The king's wi... Read more about Cat's Tale

I was tiny and pale when I was born, and so sickly-looking the midwife thought I would not last the week. When Father learned of my dire prognosis, he shrugged and said, “If she dies, it’s all for the...


Once upon a time, I fell in love with two men. Their feelings for me were matched only by their hatred for each other.Gaeton, with his brash charm and casual cruelty. Beast, his lust equal to his penchant for violence.Being with them was sinful and p... Read more about The Beast

My sisters’ voices ring in my ears, even hours after our conversation. I stand on the curb and stare up at the building before me. It looks nearly identical to those around it: a nondescript gray squa...


Bestselling author Julie Garwood's classic love story is filled with "the humor, the sweetness, and the sensuality" (Publishers Weekly) that have made her "a trusted brand name in romantic fiction" (People).

Only her beloved grandmother, Lady Esther,... Read more about Prince Charming

The vultures were gathering in the vestibule. The salon was already filled to capacity, as was the dining room and the library above. More of the black-clad predators lined the curved staircase. Every...


He wants revenge, but he wants her more. Once Upon A Time, there was a little boy. His belly full of laughter, his life full of joy. Until one day, something changed; stripped his innocence away.

The hole inside making space for the devil to come and... Read more about Hooked

I’ve never been to Massachusetts, but I’ve heard about the lack of heat. So, while the temperature change from Florida is a shock, it isn’t wholly unexpected. Still, as I shiver in my tank top, the li...


What do readers say about Beauty and the Goblin King?

historical erotic romanceI preferred goblin cinderellaa fun twiststeamy

For the past ten years, the Goblin King has stayed locked away in his caverns. He only opens his doors for one purpose: he will give one gold coin for every night a girl is willing to spend with him.

Despite his fearsome reputation, his fangs and cla... Read more about Beauty and the Goblin King

The goblin king looked just the same as before. He walked into the room without making any comment on the water spilled everywhere or my damp hair. In fact, he seemed impatient, but I was freshly awar...


What do readers say about The Book of Shadows?

spectacularnothing ya

Alone among the young girls taught by nuns at a convent school in nineteenth-century France, orphaned Herculine has neither wealth nor social connections. When she's accused of being a witch, the shy student is locked up with no hope of escape ... un... Read more about The Book of Shadows

At Sebastiana’s direction, Roméo approached me holding out a small silver salver on which I was to place my questions. I marveled at the simple strength of the boy’s hands, so much broader than mine, ...


What do readers say about Peter Darling?

far too convolutedkind of outstandingfantasymm romance

Sono passati dieci anni da quando Peter Pan ha lasciato l'Isola Che-non-c' . Ha deciso di crescere lasciandosi dietro il sogno d'essere un ragazzo e ha cercato di rassegnarsi a passare la vita nei panni di Wendy Darling. Ma crescere gli ha solo fatto... Read more about Peter Darling

"Of course," Peter said easily. He had swum through the ocean of stars, following Tink's directions to the second star on the right. They had burst out into a storm above the island and danced along t...

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