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Naomi Klein

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The bestselling author of No Logo shows how the global "free market" has exploited crises and shock for three decades, from Chile to Iraq

In her groundbreaking reporting, Naomi Klein introduced the term "disaster capitalism." Whether covering Baghdad... Read more about The Shock Doctrine

I went to the slaughterhouse to observe this so-called "electric slaughtering," and I saw that the hogs were clamped at the temples with big metallic tongs which were hooked up to an electric current ...


What do readers say about My First Two Thousand Years?

a good book

The Wandering Jew is a cosmic symbol—he is man, he is woman, he is sex, he is history, he is life itself.... Read more about My First Two Thousand Years


The most important book yet from the author of the international bestseller The Shock Doctrine, a brilliant explanation of why the climate crisis challenges us to abandon the core "free market" ideology of our time, restructure the global economy, an... Read more about This Changes Everything

“Climate scientists agree: climate change is happening here and now. Based on well-established evidence, about 97 percent of climate scientists have concluded that human-caused climate change is happe...


What do readers say about Tomatoland?

agricultural/academic unityamazing storyteller

2012 IACP Award Winner in the Food Matters category

Supermarket produce sections bulging with a year-round supply of perfectly round, bright red-orange tomatoes have become all but a national birthright. But in Tomatoland, which is based on his James... Read more about Tomatoland

AChilean soldier was guarding a lonely garrison in the Atacama Desert near the Peruvian border when the American tomato geneticist Roger Chetelat and his field research team arrived. The sentry obligi...


"One of the best books around for demystifying the deliberately mysterious arts of advertising."--Salon

"Fascinating, entertaining and thought-stimulating."--The New York Times Book Review

"A brisk, authoritative and frightening report on how manufac... Read more about The Hidden Persuaders


What do readers say about The Hite Report?

a good primer on female sexuality

A reproduction of the classic text, unavailable now for more than a decade, with a new introduction by the author. The Hite Report, first published in 1976, was a sexual revolution in six hundred pages.

To answer sensitive questions dealing with the ... Read more about The Hite Report

Women have come a long way in the last half of the twentieth century, from a time when the existence of the female orgasm was doubted and when women were effectively owned as property in marriage to l...


What do readers say about The Society of the Spectacle?

the alienation of labourvery very densemodern cultural critiquefrom word to word

The Das Kapital of the 20th century. An essential text, and the main theoretical work of the situationists. Few works of political and cultural theory have been as enduringly provocative. From its publication amid the social upheavals of the 1960's u... Read more about The Society of the Spectacle

“But for the present age, which prefers the sign to the thing signified, the copy to the original, representation to reality, appearance to essence… truth is considered profane, and only illusion is s...


With a new Introduction by the author, this "erudite and brilliantly readable book" (The Observer, London) expertly dissects the political, economic, and social origins of Western civilization to reveal a culture cripplingly enslaved to crude notions... Read more about Voltaire's Bastards

In moments of great passion, the mind tends to be flooded with a warm vision of the person in our arms. We are unlikely, at that point, to be analyzing their flaws, real or hypothetical. Even less lik...


After 1989, capitalism has successfully presented itself as the only realistic political-economic system - a situation that the bank crisis of 2008, far from ending, actually compounded. The book analyses the development and principal features of thi... Read more about Capitalist Realism

In one of the key scenes in Alfonso Cuarón’s 2006 film Children of Men, Clive Owen’s character, Theo, visits a friend at Battersea Power Station, which is now some combination of government building a...


What do readers say about Jacquard's Web?

the birth of the information age

Traces the 200-year evolution of the principles of Jacquard's knitting machines to the information revolution of the twentieth century and the desk-top computer of today.

--From cover (p. 4).... Read more about Jacquard's Web

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior permission in writing of Oxford Univers...

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