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A Dangerous Kind of Lady

Longhope Abbey (Book 2)

Mia Vincy

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An outcast fighting for her future...

Thea Knight loves a spot of mischief. She especially loves her current mischief: masquerading as her sister, while finalizing her scheme to expose the dastardly knaves whose lies ruined her life.

Then big, bad-... View details

First, mischief must be conducted only for a good cause—and certainly, Thea’s present mischief served no lesser cause than her younger sister’s happiness. For that excellent cause, she had resigned he...
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It was the ideal marriage of convenience...until they met

Cassandra DeWitt has seen her husband only once-on their wedding day two years earlier-and this arrangement suits her perfectly. She has no interest in the rude, badly behaved man she married ... View details

Cassandra was not personally familiar with the effects of brandy, but as she stood in the doorway to the ballroom at midnight, watching Lucy sing and dance alone in the pool of light cast by a candela...
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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of If You Dare and If You Desire comes the third in the MacCarrick Brothers series featuring a handsome and mysterious Highlander.

Ethan MacCarrick was a heartbreakingly handsome rake until a powerful no... View details

After a hesitation, Ethan released him, deciding to believe him. The information meshed with his own, and this man likely wouldn’t court Ethan’s wrath by lying. “You know what to do if you see Grey. A...
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"Rich with subplot, historical detail and beautifully descriptive writing that keeps the pages turning until the delightfully unconventional happy ending."-NPR

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An Apple Must Listen Audiobook for September!

A lady must... View details

A mile from the library, deep in the cool green woods of Wycliffe Park, Tristan Ballentine, the second son of the Earl of Rochester, had just decided to spend all his future summers at Wycliffe Hall. ...
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A New York Times Bestseller

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn comes the story of Anthony Bridgerton, in the second of her beloved Regency-set novels featuring the charming, powerful Bridgerton family, now a series created by Shon... View details

The topic of rakes has, of course, been previously discussed in this column, and This Author has come to the conclusion that there are rakes, and there are Rakes. Anthony Bridgerton is a Rake. A rake ...
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When a wicked widow meets a sexy doctor, sparks fly in this sizzling and evocative Regency romance. In the social whirl of Regency England, Elizabeth Chudderley is at the top of every guest list, the life of every party, and the belle of every ball. ... View details

A drunkard lay snoring in his rosebushes. She looked inexplicably familiar, though Michael did not think he would have forgotten such a face. She was one of the more beautiful women he’d ever seen, al...
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From the New York Times bestselling author of Off the Clock comes a story of love, hate, and the fire that ignites when the two collide...

Dr. Elle McCray has a plan. Work hard. Be the best. And do it alone. After her ex-husband's betrayal, she's l... View details

She should’ve never come. The food was good and the music all right, but the festive atmosphere was grating against her mood and drawing blood. Dr. Marin Rush had gotten a permanent position at The Gr...
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Bridgerton meets New Moon in this sparkling shapeshifter Regency romance mixed with humor, steamy chemistry, and fantasy.

The Duke said he'd never get married...

The Prince Regent insists his cousin and fellow bear shifter Arthur Humphries, the Duk... View details

Arthur Humphries, Duke of Osborn, leaned against a silk-covered wall in the Viscount Montague’s ballroom. He was present under extreme duress, thanks to a strongly worded missive from his cousin, and ...
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"With her sterling debut, Evie Dunmore dives into a fresh new space in historical romance that hits all the right notes."-Entertainment Weekly

A stunning debut for author Evie Dunmore and her Oxford suffragists in which a fiercely independent vicar's... View details

Annabelle lowered her lashes. She knew it would look demure, and demure placated her cousin best when he was all in a fluster. Of all the types of men she had learned to manage, the “ignorant yet self...
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In this first in the MacCarrick Brothers series and "classic romantic adventure that will leave you breathless" (Julia Quinn, New York Times bestselling author), travel through Spain and the Scottish Highlands as a deadly mercenary finds his plans fo... View details

For the first time since his beating began, Courtland MacCarrick’s split, bloody sneer faltered. The general’s impatient command seemed unreal to him, the words sounding hollow and indistinct, probabl...
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