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The Beasts of Tarzan

Tarzan (Book 3)

Edgar Rice Burroughs

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Tarzan had renounced his right to the woman he loved, and civilization held no pleasure for him. After a brief and harrowing period among men, he turned back to the African jungle where he had grown to manhood. It was there he first heard of Opar, th... View details

"Oh, nothing at all, my dear," replied the countess, a slight flush momentarily coloring her already pink cheek. "I was but recalling with admiration those stupendous skyscrapers, as they call them, o...
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When Tarzan is orphaned as a baby deep in the African jungle, he is saved from certain death when he is adopted by a she-ape. Raised as one of her own, Tarzan learns the way of the Kerchak-the tribe of great apes who rule the jungle. They teach him h... View details

1875 Edgar Rice Burroughs is born in Chicago on September 1 to George Tyler Burroughs and Mary Evaline Burroughs. His father, a former Union Army officer during the American Civil War, runs a successf...
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Deep under the earth's surface is the mysterious realm of Pellucidar, where humans are subject to evil reptilian masters. Adventurer David Innes comes to the rescue in their desparate struggle for freedom.... View details

I WAS BORN IN CONNECTICUT ABOUT THIRTY YEARS ago. My name is DavidInnes. My father was a wealthy mine owner. When I was nineteenhe died. All his property was to be mine when I had attained mymajority—...
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Virginia gentleman John Carter, unexpectedly transported to the perilous red planet, Mars, finds himself captured by the loveless Green Men of Thark. As Carter struggles to win his freedom-and the affections of fellow captive Dejah Thoris, princess o... View details

I am a very old man; how old I do not know. Possibly I am a hundred, possibly more; but I cannot tell because I have never aged as other men, nor do I remember any childhood. So far as I can recollect...
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