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Hardcore Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies and the Truth About Reality

Brad Warner

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What do readers say about The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching?

encouraging, joyful style poetry and clarity breakdown of meditation buddha and buddhism

With poetry and clarity, Thich Nhat Hanh imparts comforting wisdom about the nature of suffering and its role in creating compassion, love, and joy - all qualities of enlightenment.

"Thich Nhat Hanh shows us the connection between personal, inner pe... More details on The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching

Buddha was not a god. He was a human being like you and me, and he suffered just as we do. If we go to the Buddha with our hearts open, he will look at us, his eyes filled with compassion, and say, "B...
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What do readers say about On Having No Head?

zen and buddhism flowery language

Headlessness, the experience of "no-self" that mystics of all times have aspired to, is an instantaneous way of "waking up" and becoming fully aware of one's real and abiding nature. Douglas Harding, the highly respected mystic-philosopher, describes... More details on On Having No Head

Somehow or other I had vaguely thought of myself as inhabiting this house which is my body, and looking out through its two little round windows at the world. Now I find it isn’t like that at all. As ...
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Overview of Buddha's teachings.... More details on What the Buddha Taught

Among the founders of religions the Buddha (if we are permitted to call him the founder of a religion in the popular sense of the term) was the only teacher who did not claim to be other than a human ...
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Named one of the 100 Best Spiritual Books of the Twentieth Century (Spirituality & Practice)

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few."

So begins this most beloved of all American Zen books. Seldom has s... More details on Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind

Now I would like to talk about our zazen posture. When you sit in the full lotus position, your left foot is on your right thigh, and your right foot is on your left thigh. When we cross our legs like...
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The widespread influence of Buddhism is due in part to the skill with which a way of liberation was refined by it's teachers and became accessible to people of diverse cultures.

In this dynamic series of lectures, Alan Watts takes us on an exploratio... More details on Buddhism

Inorder to introduce Buddhism, it is necessary to remember the whole background of the worldview of India and study Indian cosmology, just as you would have to study the Ptolemaic cosmology and worldv...
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This collection of 'dharma talks' from one of the great Buddhist teachers of the 20th-century is a fun, accessible crash course in Theravadan teachings on meditation, mindfulness, and more

Ajahn Chah influenced a generation of Western teachers: Jack... More details on Being Dharma

While he was most tolerant of people’s shortcomings and limitations, he always wanted his disciples to make as much effort as they possibly could, simply for the goal of escaping from the clutches of ...
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Now a major motion picture starring Alicia Vikander, Kit Harington, Hayley Atwell, and Taron Egerton

In 1915 Vera Brittain abandoned her studies at Oxford to enlist as a nurse in the armed forces, serving in London, in Malta, and at the Western Fro... More details on Testament of Youth

‘Long ago there lived a rich merchant who, besides possessing more treasures than any king in the world, had in his great hall three chairs, one of silver, one of gold, and one of diamonds. But his gr...
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From one of America's most brilliant writers, a New York Times bestselling journey through psychology, philosophy, and lots of meditation to show how Buddhism holds the key to moral clarity and enduring happiness.

At the heart of Buddhism is a simple... More details on Why Buddhism is True

It’s about a guy named Neo (played by Keanu Reeves), who discovers that he’s been inhabiting a dream world. The life he thought he was living is actually an elaborate hallucination. He’s having that h...
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Fans of Gerald Durrell's timeless classic My Family and Other Animals, the inspiration for The Durrells in Corfu on Masterpiece PBS, will love this hilarious tale, which finds the author as an adult still charmed by his beloved animals.

A Zoo in My ... More details on A Zoo in My Luggage

I had decided that, on the way up country to Bafut, we would make a ten-day stop at a town called Mamfe. This was at the highest navigable point of the Cross River, on the edge of an enormous tract of...
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