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In the Balance

Worldwar (Book 1)

Harry Turtledove

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On the eve of America's greatest victory in the Pacific, a catastrophic event disrupts the course of World War II, forever changing the rules of combat. . . .

The impossible has spawned the unthinkable. A military experiment in the year 2021 has thr... Read more about Weapons of Choice

The Caliphate spy, a Javanese carpenter known simply as Adil, resettled himself against a comfortable groove in the sandalwood tree. The small, shaded clearing in the hills overlooking Dili had been h...


Selected by the Modern Library as one of the 100 best nonfiction books of all time

The Proud Tower, the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Guns of August, and The Zimmerman Telegram comprise Barbara W. Tuchman's classic histories of the First World War era

I... Read more about The Guns of August

THE GENESIS OF THIS BOOK LIES IN TWO EARLIER books I Wrote, of which the First World War was the focal point of both. The first was Bible and Sword, about the origins of the Balfour Declaration issued...


The New York Times bestselling account of one of history's most brutal - and forgotten - massacres, when the Japanese army destroyed China's capital city on the eve of World War II

In December 1937, one of the most horrific atrocities in the long a... Read more about The Rape of Nanking

IN TRYING to understand the actions of the Japanese, the questions that call out loudest for answers are the most obvious ones. What broke down on the scene to allow the behavior of Japanese soldiers ...


One of the Best Books of the Year:

The Christian Science Monitor


The Seattle Times ... Read more about Lawrence in Arabia

I consider this new crisis that has emerged to be a blessing. I believe that it is the Turks’ ultimate duty either to live like an honorable nation or to exit the stage of history gloriously. DJEMAL P...


Stephen E. Ambrose's classic New York Times bestseller and inspiration for the acclaimed HBO series about Easy Company, the ordinary men who became the World War II's most extraordinary soldiers at the frontlines of the war's most critical moments. F... Read more about Band of Brothers

At first light on June 7, Captain Hester came to see Winters with a message. "Winters," he said, "I hate to do this to you after what you went through yesterday, but I want E Company to lead off the c...


"Nobody does it better than Niven and Pournelle. I loved it!"-Tom Clancy

They first appear as a series of dots on astronomical plates, heading from Saturn directly toward Earth. Since the ringed planet carries no life, scientists deduce the mysteriou... Read more about Footfall

The lush tropical growth of the Kona Coast ended abruptly. Suddenly the passionflower vines and palm trees were gone, and Jenny was driving through barren lava fields. "It looks like the back side of ...


"It is absolutely unique-without question the most fascinating Civil War novel I have ever read."

Professor James M. McPherson

Pultizer Prize-winning BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM

January 1864-General Robert E. Lee faces defeat. The Army of Northern Virginia... Read more about The Guns of the South

Headquarters January 20, 1864 Mr. President: I have delayed replying to your letter of the 4th until the time arrived for the execution of the attempt on New Berne. I regret very much that the boats o...


A worldwide bestseller published shortly after the end of World War I, Storm of Steel is a memoir of astonishing power, savagery, and ashen lyricism. It illuminates not only the horrors but also the fascination of total war, as seen through the eyes ... Read more about Storm of Steel

The train stopped at Bazancourt, a small town in Champagne, and we got out. Full of awe and incredulity, we listened to the slow grinding pulse of the front, a rhythm we were to become mightily famili...


A groundbreaking new account of the Battle of Britain from acclaimed Cambridge historian James Holland

'If Hitler fails to invade or destroy Britain, he has lost the war,' Churchill said in the summer of 1940. He was right. "The Battle of Britain" w... Read more about Battle of Britain

SUNDAY, 5 MAY 1940, a little after two that afternoon. A warm, sunny day over much of Britain, but above Drem aerodrome, a busy grass airfield some twenty miles east of Edinburgh, a deep blue sky was ...



'Truth, she thought. As terrible as death. But harder to find.'

America, fifteen years after the end of the Second World War. The winning Axis powers have divided their spoils: the Nazis control New York, while Californi... Read more about The Man in the High Castle

For a week Mr. R. Childan had been anxiously watching the mail. But the valuable shipment from the Rocky Mountain States had not arrived. As he opened up his store on Friday morning and saw only lette...

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