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A Man Lay Dead

Roderick Alleyn (Book 1)

Ngaio Marsh

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A model is murdered in this “first-rate” detective story by the Mystery Writers of America Grand Master (Kirkus Reviews). On a ship traveling back to England, Miss Agatha Troy finds Inspector Roderick Alleyn tedious and dull; he thinks she’s a bohemi... Read more about Artists in Crime

Alleyn leant over the deck-rail, looking at the wet brown wharf and the upturned faces of the people. In a minute or two now they would slide away, lose significance, and become a vague memory. "We ca...


In Hide My Eyes, private detective Albert Campion finds himself hunting down a serial killer in London's theatreland.

A spate of murders leaves him with only two baffling clues: a left-hand glove and a lizard-skin letter-case. These minimal clues and... Read more about Hide My Eyes

THE ARRIVAL OF the ’bus was timed to perfection. Nobody of the slightest importance saw it at all. Traffic was slack, the theatres were only halfway through the evening performances, and no police wer...


George Abbershaw is set for a social weekend at Black Dudley manor, hosted by Wyatt Petrie and his elderly uncle Colonel Combe, who enjoys the company of Bright Young Things. With Meggie Oliphant in attendance, George looks forward to the chance of g... Read more about The Crime at Black Dudley

The grey-green stretches were hayed once a year, perhaps, but otherwise uncropped save by the herd of heavy-shouldered black cattle who wandered about them, their huge forms immense and grotesque in t...


From Dorothy L. Sayers, "one of the greatest mystery story writers of the [twentieth] century" (Los Angeles Times), the first mystery featuring Lord Peter Wimsey.

A corpse has been found in the bath of an architect's flat, wearing nothing but a pair... Read more about Whose Body?

‘I’m afraid it’s an awkward place to turn in,’ said Lord Peter, answering the thought rather than the words. His long, amiable face looked as if it had generated spontaneously from his top hat, as whi...


The Social Event of the Season Has Death on Its Guest List

No one is more popular on London's champagne-and-caviar that charming Lord Gospell. However, on the morning after the year's most glittering ball, someone finds a reason to asphyxiate "Bunchy... Read more about Death in a White Tie

‘I think perhaps I have. I have told George and Grace that I will bring Sarah out this coming season. Here is a letter from George and here is another from Grace. Government House, Suva. They think it...


A murder committed at Halberds Manor brings Superintendent Roderick Alleyn to this old English house staffed by ex-convicts... Read more about Tied Up in Tinsel

‘Thank you. When I so describe his activities I do not indulge in facezia. He went into partnership in a rag-and-bone way with my Uncle Bert Smith, who was already equipped with a horse and cart and t...


The classic mystery that first featured Harriet Vane, companion sleuth to the dashing, perennially popular private investigator, Lord Peter Wimsey, from the mystery writer widely considered the greatest mystery novelist of the Golden Age-Dorothy L. S... Read more about Strong Poison

The judge was an old man; so old, he seemed to have outlived time and change and death. His parrot-face and parrot-voice were dry, like his old, heavily-veined hands. His scarlet robe clashed harshly ...


Set in 1919, young couple Tommy Beresford and Tuppence Cowley form a partnership, hiring themselves out as ''young adventurers''. Their first case, however, is more of an adventure than they expect - working to find documents that, if they were known... Read more about The Secret Adversary

The two young people greeted each other affectionately, and momentarily blocked the Dover Street Tube exit in doing so. The adjective “old” was misleading. Their united ages would certainly not have t...


Furious at being jilted at the altar by Margaret Langton, Charles Moray left England behind him. Four years later he returns only to discover that a criminal gang has been using his house to plan a vicious crime. The target is the beautiful Margot St... Read more about Grey Mask

His voice was so drily polite that Charles Moray could not fail to be aware that in the eyes of his solicitor four years absence, and a consequent neglect of all the business arising out of his father...


Tanis Lyle was one of those passionate women who always get their own way. Her cousin Laura hated her. Most women did. But men found her irresistible and she used them mercilessly.

So when Tanis was found murdered there seemed to be any number of s... Read more about The Chinese Shawl

LAURA FANE CAME UP to London in the third week in January. A little earlier or a little later, and things might have happened differently for her, and for Tanis Lyle, and for Carey Desborough, and for...

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