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Loved It
2/6/2023 12:48:38 AM
fantasy, magical realism, adventure books...More

How can anyone not resist reading The return of the King, a world of magic, adventure, heroism, love, and family The return of the king certainly does this and more, and takes your mind to another level, another world - MAGIC Is just another word used by the reader being be part of it

2/5/2023 10:24:52 PM
Loved It
2/5/2023 9:21:44 PM
2/5/2023 8:24:51 PM
Loved It
2/5/2023 3:12:51 PM
Liked It
self help, life changing, nonfiction

First of all it might be only easy for a few percent of people. Most of smokers will strugle to combat their addiction - thus method in my ebook is described as painful.

2/5/2023 1:06:23 PM
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