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Reviews by celrex999
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Loved It

Great Story, great setting!

Only thing I mourn that could have turned it into a masterpiece: I think the characters are a bit too flat and not complex enough. It is too easy to hate who is supposed to be "not on the good side" and "lets oppress all women"-side and too easy to like who is supporting the main char. It lacks a bit grey characters who are not inherently evil or have some kind of redemption arc ging from a single-minded traditional mind to a more open and tolerant mind. At the same time it would have been nice to see some kind of development in the main char, she stays the same, just gets more powerfull. I like to have a non-traditional and not-perfect protagonist though, just wish she would have been a bit more complex.

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Liked It

Overall I liked it but I think it could be much better if the main character was a little bit more complex, especially in the beginning. I was even halfway of stopping listening (audible) to it and then just continued because i dont like having a story unfinished.

Basically the main character can be reduced to a repetetive "Oh he is evil but also hot" when I think the overall story is great and even has a nice twist to it at the end; the main char just needs to be toned down.

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