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Reviews by hhaowl
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Loved It

Get the audio for this. It's absolutely worth it.

All I can say is poor Carl! He has the worst luck to enter a dungeon with a domineering cat, no pants, and no shoes. Hilarious at times (don't listen while eating or drinking!) but with great world building and interesting characters. There's a sense of melancholy though about the whole experience that Carl is having to crawl through because he's in a very sucky situation. But he's Carl and he keeps reminding himself "You cannot break me" and he tries to protect all he meets. And what can I say about Princess Donut! She's a gem and a hoot. Carl won't be Carl without Princess Donut.

Loved It

Really didn't expect to like the story. I started the story and abandoned it at first but decided to try the audio (because so many people liked this story). That really made a HUGE difference.

Lots of snark and humor. MC, Jason, is very likable though snarky and idealistic/rigid in his belief. But he and is companions are fun to read about and hang out with and contrary to lots of people, I really enjoyed the second arc (book 4-6).

Liked It

The series as a whole is very good. Similar to Primal Hunter in the set up. Even the characters are somewhat similar. MC of this series, Randidly, was an introverted loser with relationship issues (before the system) while Primal Hunter's Jake was introverted high achiever with relationship issues. With the system, both got lucky breaks and became super strong. However, there's a sense of ease with Jake (humor) while Randidly has gloom and doom clouds floating over him.

Story line is very interesting and intriguing. World building is good. My only complaint is how Randidly does not have it easy at all (compared to Jake) but I'm rooting for him any way.

Loved It

A pragmatic MC turned hero through sheer dint of survival instinct, hard work, determination, pragmatism, luck, and cunning. Some might argue that most of the first book is boring but there's something congenial and fun reading about Zack (and Ogras of course). The world building is vivid and I really enjoy a mix of a lot of little things that make this series a very addictive one.

Liked It

A quirky but addictive series. MC is delightfully weird but competent. Supporting characters are interesting. Good world building. Intriguing story.

Loved It

Unexpectedly delightful. A whirlwind of a story filled with action, suspense, adventure, whimsy, and humor. The entire series so far has been a delight.

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