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Reviews by djaluv375
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Has been in my Top 5 of most favourite books of all time for years. Everyone who likes books with a great story, well written characters and loads of "The feels" will thoroughly enjoy this. Birds Without Wings revolves around the small town of Anatolian Eskibahçe. Despite differences in religion everyone, Muslim and Christian, lives in harmony. Until nationalism. You'll learn about several wonderfully written characters, including two sweethearts, set against a background of WWI, the rise of Ataturk, the Greek-Turkish war, and eventually the forced exile of Christians out of (now) Turkey - resulting in the Armenian Genocide and Greek-Christian death marches.

Louis de Bernieres won't just make you laugh & cry, but most of all think. Why do we humans so often behave as monsters.

If you thought history was boring, Birds without Wings is the ultimate cure for that idea. Heartbreakingly beautiful, thought provoking, 100x better than Captain Corelli's Mandolin, and never to be forgotten.

Loved It

Thoroughly enjoyed the entire series. Such a great take on supernaturals, vampires in particular. I've read most of the books more than once and loved the FMC and the world-building. Fast-paced, full of action, romance, heartbreak, witty repartee and interesting characters. All pageturners! I wholeheartedly give every book, up to the penultimate novel, an "I loved it". Alas Harris did herself, this series and all her readers a disservice with the ending. As if she no longer had inspiration nor heart for the books. "Okay, let's let her end up with X". Too easily dumped on us, came out of nowhere-weird and didn't feel right. A better choice would've been a Sookie who decided to remain happily single. I remember being upset after I'd invested so much time, money (Have all books, half in hardcover) and heart in. Back then it ruined the series for me. Looking back, I'd still absolutely recommend it, with the added warning that the ending, the HEA part, might make you furious.

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It Was OK

Maybe it was a little too descriptive, more words than action, because this much lauded series - at least its 1st book - didn't grab me. Worse: I couldn't even tell you what it was about anymore and it hasn't even been half a year ago. What I dó remember, was that it wasn't bad, just a tad lacklustre. I expected more than I was given, but it isn't horribly written. I'll give #2 a go, simply because I spend €€ on it, and because I hope to find out what's so amazing about it.

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