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Ad line: If it’s true you are what you eat, knowing where the source of food came from, and how it was produced should make some people think twice about continuing with their dietary preferences. Just saying. . .

Abstract: A group of nine friends meet at a posh Tucson restaurant for a fine evening meal, which denotes the overall theme of this two-part publication. Along with other topics, when they get together their respective dietary preferences are naturally discussed. For instance, some prefer meat and dairy entrees while others tend toward vegetarian or seafood selections, including one among them who is an avowed vegan. In light of the gathering’s respective food favorite preferences, there is no comparative bias or condemnation based on their selected and respective entrees. Instead, there is an ongoing amicable dialogue (actually, an implied dialectic) throughout the evening. At times, their casual discourse also centers on food sources that may either be beneficial or harmful to the environment. Voila—the import of the book’s title. Engaging, educational, and enlightening, this publication’s overall context is never preachy or biased. Thus, the reader always decides what’s best for his or her food preferences. The second half of the book is an elementary summary of Grey’s Anatomy where the author describes how all body organs and systems function (viz. using the author’s body as a creative metaphor of explanation). (7 x 10 format, 460 pages)

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If it matters to those of you who enjoy reading books (as opposed to screens), the variable subject matter that I write & publish falls under the general category of the 3 E’s: Educational, Engaging and Earthy. Ergo, National Parks and Monuments, Archeological (Anasazi) ruins whose scenic icons are scattered throughout the American Southwest, including parts of the West & advocating the Earth Mother given all respects, especially all creatures great & small. There are other topics as well (viz. emperor penguins correlated with the theme of climate change, aviation adventures & misadventures, human history applicable to the Old West, res dogs on the Navajo Reservation, personal escapades based on true circumstances, vivid prose & poetry centered on Nature, and even existential themes.

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Format : paperback

Page Count : 460