RES DOG TALES ABOUT PAWS & TAILS: Homeless Stays On The Navajo Reservation


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SYNOPSIS: Most people love dogs & my genre fiction novel features a very special class of dogs, the so-called res dogs on the Navajo Reservation. These homeless strays are forced to mooch meals from campers because it's the only means to get fed. "Stumpi de Chelly," who takes his name from the picturesque CANYON de CHELLY NATIONAL MONUMENT (Chinle, AZ) is the principal mendicant with paws & a knotted tail. Hence, the reason for his name. His loyal canine community of affable and fellow also watch over him because he is usually shy around campers (viz., doesn't always get something to eat when begging for food). He also affects a sage, calm presence in their lives. Written for young adults to older adults, this novel's lively adventure is based on salient details about amiable res dogs & engendering awareness for their daily plight, as well as promoting dogmanity. By their nature, many res dogs exemplify unique traits to capture a camper's attention & some, like Stumpi, resort to outlandish postures to do whatever it takes to get a handout. That said, the literary depiction is also based on disconcerting facts about their community's common medical ailments and nutritional deficiencies. Typically, their chances for survival are slim, especially during the colder, winter months when campers are few and far between. Accordingly, the average lifespan of a res dog is a mere 3 or 4 years!

The narrative of this story is also based on a personal encounter. Namely, after having met Stumpi (my name for this gentle pooch) some years ago in this national monument's campground, my heuristic observations of this somewhat unkempt canine with an alluring personality eventually spawned this novel written in his honor. The storyline includes all of his res dog pals, who, by the way, are all the main narrators throughout this yarn. Accordingly, this tale about tails has a surprise and happy ending for the community's most unassuming res dog in search of a forever home.

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If it matters to those of you who enjoy reading books (as opposed to screens), the variable subject matter that I write & publish falls under the general category of the 3 E’s: Educational, Engaging and Earthy. Ergo, National Parks and Monuments, Archeological (Anasazi) ruins whose scenic icons are scattered throughout the American Southwest, including parts of the West & advocating the Earth Mother given all respects, especially all creatures great & small. There are other topics as well (viz. emperor penguins correlated with the theme of climate change, aviation adventures & misadventures, human history applicable to the Old West, res dogs on the Navajo Reservation, personal escapades based on true circumstances, vivid prose & poetry centered on Nature, and even existential themes.

RK and my feline angel, BAXTER

Flagstaff, AZ


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