Theft of the Giant's Soul

Mark Cheverton

plot twist, high fantasy, mincraft, giants, epic fantasy, mark cheverton, the great zombie invasion, hunger games, Divergent, The Maze Runner


YA Fantasy Novel of the year, from the New York Times bestselling author of the Minecraft-inspired Gameknight999 series with over 2 million copies in print. This high-quality fantasy book is for kids, teens, and grown-ups who love to read epic stories about adventure! Perfect for fans of the Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Maze Runner series. Theft of the Giant's Soul is a suspenseful tale of danger, bravery, and sacrifice.

The rise in technology, at first, seemed like a good thing. But what happens when humanity goes one step too far? After replicating humans using advanced technologies, it soon became apparent that the machines were much stronger, faster, and more intelligent than humanity ever thought possible. And friendly? Absolutely not. In the war between the people and the aiBots, there was only going to be one victory.

The aiBots rapidly rose to power, launching nuclear missiles that wiped out humanity, leaving only a few survivors. But out of The Great Fire emerged a whole new world - a world that was to be known as Phoenix.

In this new world, a young giant must step up and provide for her poverty-stricken family, but when the odds are stacked against her, Lacy StormChaser envisions nothing but failure. Along with her younger brother, Lacy is faced with terrifying obstacles that threaten their livelihood. With nothing to lose and everything to fight for, can she fend off the ravenous Cavedogs and the ultimate beast, The Baelath? Her WarHammer in hand and a strong determination, does Lacy have what it takes to succeed? Or is she destined for a life of poverty?

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“Giant Legionnaires, search the back of StoneHold.” The voice of a GiantLegion Commander boomed off the polished stone walls making up the homes of the rich and powerful. “Find those three giants. If they resist, use your warhammers; we don’t show mercy to thieves.”

"Yes, sir," a group of giants replied, the sound of pounding boots resonating through the streets.

“I guess I have no choice but to stick with you two.” Donovan glanced at Lacy, taking in her ripped and torn clothing with a suspicious eye. “What do we do now?”

“We need to follow the scratch marks on the ground.” Lacy pointed to Maerk and Donovan. “You two keep together and follow me, staying five or six steps behind. They’re looking for a group of three giants, so we need to remain separated. What do you think, Maerk, good plan?” Nervous doubt nibbled at her courage, uncertainty filling the void.

“Sound’s good, Lace.” Maerk nodded. “Lead the way.”

Lacy moved out of the alleyway and back to the trail of scratches. Her sensitive eyesight, from spending so much time in the dark tunnels under StoneHold, allowed her to make out the faint markings on the ground. She followed them deeper into the affluent section of StoneHold. 

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Format : paperback

Page Count : 228