Fatal Beauty

LaToya Lawrence

plot twist, page turner, murder mystery, realistic fiction, thrillers


Do to others as you would have done unto you or do to others what they have done to you? One should ask Delilah, the beauty with a score to settle against those who inhabit her world.

When an incident of disturbance shake-up Delilah’s life, she becomes twisted, diving into the arms of men who cannot resist her fire. Ready to burn each one in her passion- things turn deadly.

While Delilah plays a dangerous game of laying traps for those who cannot break free- even when she chooses to let go and cut loose- danger comes to bite back at a cost where murder inevitably will pay.

About the Author:


I am a writer who does not limit herself to one specific genre. I write by what naturally inspires me at any given time as I am naturally versatile- whether it be self-help, devotional, non fiction or fiction novels of suspense.

One thing I have observed through my writing, and with life in general- as certain others have I am sure, is that people will view things and/or judge within their own perception- viewing through their own personal lenses.

What they may interpret or misinterpret may not at all correspond or have anything to do with what I or another may be expressing, divulging, or projecting.

All of us writers do not use ourselves as examples, yet we may share what we have seen or encountered through others firsthand while also adding to our own experience as a confirmation to what we know is fact or a possibility. - read the rest here:



Thursday January 7, 1993

Delilah, devastated after hearing the news this afternoon. Her life, ravaged. Nolan Jacoby had wrecked and ruined the world that she lived in.

How could she have let herself be destroyed by a man who intentionally violated her? It was unfathomable and impossible.

Why her? She tried to decipher. She was a good, clean, honest woman. She did not deserve this.

If he was going to treat someone how he had done why not do it to one of those hussy broads he had once dated.

Delilah decided not to drown in sorrow or to extinguish in silence and restraint. She refused to lie down alone to defeat.

She would get even.

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