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This tale in The Woebegones series follows the glamorous, divine, holy, sophisticated and backward character of Mary who believes that her purity can bring peace to the world. And though her dreams are righteous as she pursues the path as a pageant Queen, along her way her faith, purity, and indeed her character are tested to the brink.

And it is when she plunges into the heart of darkness that her true power is found which causes the underworld of filth to take heed of the virgin who is so naturally gifted in being the force to be reckoned with that invites all unnecessary evils to face that are shocking, perverse and deeply disturbing.

About the Author:

The Author resides in Devon, Cornwall. 

Inspired greatly by Cormac McCarthy, William Peter Blatty, Richard Matheson, Terrence Malick and James Cameron. 

A. Noel Biddy ambitiously wants to create inspiring and stimulating art pieces across many platforms and create dramatic, riveting and original stories that are not only timeless but are driven by compelling characters who have fascinating philosophies, surreal behaviours and are defined by contemplated outcomes that are either explicit or touching. 

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Format : paperback

Page Count : 228