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Haunted by the enemies of her past, Annie used her unique imagination to crush those who crossed her as her art was a way to cope with the pain, where the horrifying dreams allowed her to prosper and become galvanised in the written word that she pledged to fulfil in her destiny. But sadly as fate twists and a nightmare is confronted Annie knows that the only way to escape the pain of the past is to act with no mercy in the present.

About the Author:

The Author resides in Devon, Cornwall. 

Inspired greatly by Cormac McCarthy, William Peter Blatty, Richard Matheson, Terrence Malick and James Cameron. 

A. Noel Biddy ambitiously wants to create inspiring and stimulating art pieces across many platforms and create dramatic, riveting and original stories that are not only timeless but are driven by compelling characters who have fascinating philosophies, surreal behaviours and are defined by contemplated outcomes that are either explicit or touching. 

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Format : paperback

Page Count : 168