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How could she cope without her Magic?

The thought never came to her until that day changed her life for good. And it is in this heart wrenching landscape that we follow Teresa as she seeks to escape this consistent pain that has her frozen in time. An experience that is unrelentingly visceral, inconceivable and profound. Yet when the acts of true courage, humility, dignity and above all sacrifice are made then there is a chance for all virtuous grace and miracle to be affectionately rewarded within the painful acceptance of loss…

About the Author:

The Author resides in Devon, Cornwall. 

Inspired greatly by Cormac McCarthy, William Peter Blatty, Richard Matheson, Terrence Malick and James Cameron. 

A. Noel Biddy ambitiously wants to create inspiring and stimulating art pieces across many platforms and create dramatic, riveting and original stories that are not only timeless but are driven by compelling characters who have fascinating philosophies, surreal behaviours and are defined by contemplated outcomes that are either explicit or touching. 

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Format : paperback

Page Count : 120