The Stolen Angels

Stuart McIntyre

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On their way home from their latest hunting trip Kris Grainger and his friends Brad Sweeney and Steve Ferris stop off at a local homestead to refill their canteens. Whilst there, the homestead is paid a visit by three outlaws. As a result of this encounter, Kris visits a local town where he meets Julie, the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen in his life. Kris and Julie are instantly attracted to each other. Julie is the schoolteacher in the town and when she is kidnapped by the outlaws along with some of her school pupils, Kris and his friends set off in pursuit in an effort to bring them all back home safely. And so begins an adventure full of excitement, romance, mystery, tragedy and, of course, danger. "The Stolen Angels" is the latest novel by Stuart McIntyre and it is one that will keep you engrossed and ensure that you want to keep turning the pages until the very end.

About the Author:

Hi everybody. My name is Stuart McIntyre and I live in Scotland with my wife and son. From an early age I have always enjoyed reading books from various genres, Crime, Thrillers, Horror, Westerns and Biographies. An interest in Western movies, added to my love of reading, prompted me to attempt to write my own Western novel and so "Cameron of Carson Creek" was born. In addition to "Cameron of Carson Creek" I have now published a further four novels and details of all of my books can be found on this website as well as on Please be ensured that I do not write books for profit. I write books purely for the enjoyment of it and in an effort to give enjoyment to anyone who reads them. If anyone reading this profile is kind enough to read my books, I would be much obliged if you would leave a comment as well as a rating on the Amazon website. I welcome any feedback whatsoever. Thank you fellow readers and authors.


Kris went on to tell his friends about his conversation with Sherriff Morgan. He told them how meticulous the Sherriff was and about his attention to detail regarding his duties. After telling them about the meeting in the Sherriff’s Office, Kris handed the folded “Wanted” posters to Brad and said;

“These are our friends from yesterday”.

Brad opened the first poster and read the name out loud;

“Orin Kearney” he said and then added, handing the poster to Steve “this was the white man who never spoke”.

Looking at the next poster Brad once again read out the name “Nathan Parsons. Our inhospitable man who wanted to dismount without being asked to” and once again he handed the poster to Steve. Looking at the final poster, Brad said;

“Ah, our half breed friend, White Wolf. Nice name” and once again he passed the poster to Steve.

“You can tell him if you see him again” Kris said with a smile and then yawned.

Brad stood up and went to walk around to his own bed when he asked offhandedly;

“Did anything else happen in town, you were gone a long time?”

“Oh” said Kris “I met a girl” he added.

Brad had reached the foot of Steve’s bed but Kris’s answer stopped him in his tracks.

“You met a girl?” he repeated.

“Yes, I met a girl. Surely you know what girls are?” Kris asked sarcastically.

Brad came back and sat on the bed next to Steve once again. Ignoring Kris’s sarcastic remark he asked;

“Well, what’s she like?”

Kris smiled before he answered.

“Her name is Julie Taylor and I met her just as I left the Sherriff’s Office. I literally bumped into her and she dropped her purse. Being the gentleman that I am I picked it up, apologized and when I handed the purse back to her, I kid you not, I was looking into the face of the most beautiful woman that I have ever met in my life”.

Kris looked at both Brad and Steve and they had identical expressions on their faces. They both sat with their eyes and mouths wide open. After a moment or two, Brad asked;

“Well, what happened?”

Kris went on to tell his friends about the meeting with Julie. He told them about having coffee and scones with her and about the long conversation that they had. He also told them that she had invited him to have dinner with her on Wednesday evening. When Kris was finished, Brad said to him;

“Way to go Kris. I didn’t think you had it in you”.

“Cheers Brad” Kris replied with a sarcastic grin on his face “thanks for the vote of confidence” he added.

“What does she do?” Steve asked.

“Julie is a teacher. She is the schoolmistress for the town’s children” Kris replied.

“A teacher” Brad said looking at Steve with his eyebrows raised. Steve just laughed. Brad then added “Maybe she will teach you more than you bargain for”.

“Behave” Kris said and at the same time threw a pillow at Brad.

All three men laughed and Brad threw the pillow back to Kris who caught it expertly and placed it back on his bed. With the hilarity over, Brad said to Kris in all seriousness;

“You look beat Kris, you should get some sleep”.

“That’s the best idea I think you’ve ever had” said Kris who then added “by the way, how are Clare and Megan?”

“They’re fine” replied Brad before adding “They had something to eat with us earlier and they said they are settling in nicely. Megan has already made some friends”.

“That’s good” said Kris and then another jaw-stretching yawn escaped from his mouth.

Kris then lay down on his back on the bed, pulled a blanket over him and within ten minutes he was fast asleep. Steve and Brad spoke in hushed tones for about an hour, so as not to awaken Kris, before they themselves went to bed.

The following morning Brad and Steve woke well before Kris. Kris did not get out of bed until after 9.30am. As would be expected from good friends, Brad and Steve waited for Kris to waken before they all went for breakfast at a special canteen that had been built for the displaced homesteaders. The canteen was in a large tent that had been erected just next to the dormitories. Brad and Steve had arranged to meet Clare and Megan for breakfast and she was waiting for them when they entered the tent. After morning greetings had been exchanged, Clare said to Kris;

“How was your trip to Scotsburg Kris?”

“It was fine Clare thanks. I managed to find out the names of the three men who visited your property yesterday” Kris replied.

“That’s not all he did” piped up Brad who was sitting next to Clare, directly opposite Kris.

“What do you mean?” Clare asked looking from Brad to Kris.

Kris went on to explain about his meeting with Julie. After he had finished, Clare said;

“That’s wonderful Kris, I’m so happy for you”.

“Me too” said Megan and everybody laughed.

“Thank you Megan” said Kris when the laughter had ended.

The rest of the day was pretty mundane. Brad, Clare and Megan spent some time together. Kris and Steve went to the fort’s headquarters and spoke to the Commanding Officer who was called Colonel Brant. After showing him the posters the Colonel thanked Kris and Steve but told them that the army was too busy checking on homesteaders and bringing some of them to the fort to be able to pursue possible suspects for the murders of the kidnapped girls’ families. Besides, the Colonel had said, it was a County matter and only the County Marshal would be able to organize a pursuit of the criminals and a search for the missing girls. Not surprised by the Colonel’s answer, Steve and Kris left the HQ.

That evening all five friends had dinner together in the tented canteen. A little later, Steve, the only smoker in the group of friends, went for a walk outside as no smoking was permitted in the dormitories. When he returned to the dormitory it was almost 8.30pm. When Brad and Kris, who were playing cards on Brad’s bed saw his face, they knew immediately that he had some bad news.

“What is it Steve?” Kris asked on seeing his friend’s face.

Steve didn’t answer straight away. He looked from Brad to Kris and then back again.

“What is it?” This time it was Brad who asked the question.

Steve sat down on his own bed and faced his friends. After a few moments he started speaking;

“I was having a cigarette outside” Steve began and then continued “I saw a small commotion outside of the Telegraph Office and I went over to investigate. There were a few soldiers there and I managed to speak to one of them”.

Steve paused at this point and he looked a little unsure about what to say next.

“Go on Steve, what happened?” asked Kris.

After another moment of hesitation, Steve continued;

“The soldier told me that a telegram had been received from the Sherriff in Scotsburg”.

Steve looked at Kris before continuing;

“The telegram said that the schoolmistress had taken the schoolchildren on a field trip this morning. She had told the parents that she would return the children at around about 1.00pm. She had even left a note on a chalkboard outside the school telling any parents that she had not been able to contact that she would be back just after lunch”.

Steve paused once again. During the pause Kris felt a knot of fear manifest itself in his stomach. Eventually Steve continued;

“The telegram was received at 8.24pm and said that the schoolmistress and the schoolchildren had still not returned”.

Kris felt as though he had been gut-punched. He then felt a little guilty because his immediate concern was for Julie and not for the children.

“I assume they were in a wagon” said Brad and added “maybe they broke a wheel and have been delayed”.

Kris did not believe this and he knew that Brad did not really believe it either.

“There’s more” said Steve.

“What is it?” asked Kris in a voice that was not altogether steady.

“A few of the villagers went out to the location where the kids were heading” again Steve hesitated before finishing “They found four boys at the spot but the girls and their teacher were nowhere to be seen”

Kris not only felt gut-punched now, he felt numb. He had met a woman yesterday, one of the most beautiful and kind women that he had ever met in his life and he had been looking forward to developing his relationship with her. Now he had no idea of where she was or if she was even still alive. Then there were the schoolgirls. What must their parents be going through?

“I’m sorry Kris” Brad said and he actually touched Kris’s knee.

“Me too” said Steve putting his hand onto Kris’s shoulder.

“What are we going to do Kris?” asked Brad.

“I don’t know about you two, but I’m going to Scotsburg.......right now” replied Kris. 

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