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Charlie Michael Baker


Influencer, Model, Entrepreneur, Youth Council Member and Author writes a book covering all things autism. From personal struggles and coping mechanisms to how to make the most of autism, this book has it all. Charlie wrote this book to help people struggling with autism or even just to educate people who don’t even have the disorder. Charlie understands that quite a lot of people are still uneducated around the topic of autism and he wants to use his voice and platform to change that one book at a time. Since Charlie wrote his first book around his personal life, this book is about the signs of autism and even how to try to prevent some autism traits from worsening. A message from the author will now be placed here… Hi! My name is Charlie Michael Baker and I am an autistic influencer, model, youth counsellor, and entrepreneur. I have written this book to educate people on autism and maybe even bullying too as that has been covered in the book. I’m not a huge fan of writing massively long books for educational purposes so this book has been kept as short and as informative as possible. I hope this really helps people if they are struggling with autism, if they know someone struggling with autism or even if they’re just wondering how things work with having the disorder. I really do hope this helps a lot of people and thank you so much for even being on this page and getting this far! I really hope you enjoy the book!!

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