Unknown Dimensions And Vestiges Of Salvation

Eliel Sandoval

science fiction romance, disturbing books, life changing, forbidden romance, non-linear narrative


Gathan a holy angel and Izrail an evil demoness, fell in love in the most uncommon of all places, at a time destined by their souls, in a realm falling apart by the never ending wars between the hellish creatures and divine beings, a land of beasts, horror, darkness and death. 

Will be their love and persistence strong enough to become an inextinguishable fire, that may lighten the path for humanity’s salvation? Or will be their love consumed by the darkness and sorrow that surrounds them and be lost forever?

We must confront our worst nightmares, overcome our deepest fears, walk through the darkness of our own self, and reach the depths of our inner world, until the day we finally reach the light and embrace our soul.

About the Author:

Eliel Sandoval's love of writing began in childhood. From an early age, he  created comics, stories and poetry.  Some of his poems were recited during open mic at the art store of Poet’s Passage in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His writing style, vision and way of presenting his stories are unique.  He believes in the spontaneous and artistically free expression rather than the rigidly structured. He also has an avid interest in the occult, symbolism, and the mysterious.


“Love is the bond that binds the souls that were always destined to be together, embraced, but that were separated by time, space, tears, wrong decisions, by angels and demons.”

Chapter 53: page 110

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Format : hardcover

Page Count : 179