Sonography of uterine fibroids


Sonography of Uterine Fibroids" is a comprehensive guide for healthcare professionals and patients alike. This ebook covers the basic principles of sonography and its application in the diagnosis and management of uterine fibroids. It provides an in-depth understanding of the characteristics and classification of fibroids and their impact on the reproductive system. The book also discusses the various imaging techniques used in the assessment of fibroids and the role of sonography in guiding treatment options. With practical tips and case studies, this ebook is an essential resource for anyone seeking to improve their knowledge of uterine fibroids and sonography.

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I'm a medical doctor, Radiologist. And I love writing about medical topics, especially my field of ultrasound imaging.

Most of my books are ebooks available on Amazon Kindle.

I prefer using the atlas format for my books as that makes them easily understood.

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This book is primarily meant to brush up the sonographic wits of the budding radiologist, sonologist or gynecologist who wish to keep abreast of current trends in ultrasound imaging of broid. One of the reasons I've published this book is that there are plenty of websites related to ultrasound imaging of broids but very few cover the entire gamut of broid radiology in one article. There are even fewer books published speci cally in relation to broid imaging, this despite the fact that almost 25 to 30 per cent of women up to the age of 35 and a larger number (probably as high as 70 per cent) will develop this uterine mass in their lifetime. Fibroids being so pervasive into today's medical world there are numerous online women's health magazines and websites which give a layman's perspective of this condition. So, in a limited way this e-book is hopefully able to ll the medical gaps from the imaging point of view from a radiologist. For the undergraduate and post graduate medical student too, this book will hopefully be very useful. This is a short hand book and is primarily oriented around the use of images to clarify doubts and make reading easy and fun.