Earthen Elements: The Beginning

Christin Daoud

drama, fantasy, action, adventure, humor


Cheryl Chase is a 10-year-old girl dealing with her best friend moving away and her brother mysteriously disappearing. To make matters worse, she'll be attending middle school alone with the snobby queen bee Sherry Anders. But one day, she discovers a mysterious gem necklace in her backpack, and with it, a whole other world filled with magic. She and one other must protect this magical world from an evil force that is threatening all life there. Along the way, she'll also meet new friends and deal with hardships at home.

About the Author:

I was born and currently live in Chicago, Illinois with my mother, father, and two younger identical twin brothers. Since I was ten years old I’ve wanted to write and publish a book, and it was when I was fifteen that I first thought of the Earthen Elements series.


Today is my first day back at Chesterfield. I'll be starting fifth grade, which I guess means that I'm now a middle schooler. I should be excited. I should already have my first-day-of-school outfit all planned out and prepped on my bed. I should be eagerly counting down the minutes until school starts. But none of that is the case for me. As a matter of fact, I am NOT looking forward to it.

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Format : paperback

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