Murder She Revealed - Family Business

murder mystery, crime mystery


Detective Greenway is called in to inspect a murder at billionaire Mr. White's mansion. With a locked room and the Nurse with him at the time there could only be one outcome! Det. Greenway has other ideas.

A modern day Cluedo whodunnit

About the Author:

Kevin has worked in Education for over a decade and is the author of the newly released book series Murder She Revealed.

With over five years creating comic books in schools and after receiving positive reviews creating comic books in schools he was persuaded to publish.

He has spent time working with a diverse set of people which includes learning and physical disabilities.

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Format : ebook

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I'll be transparent, you won't hear a peep from me...

"Mr. Weathers, I remember you said you had a meeting at 9.30pm!"

"I remember you saying you were gong to be transparent this weekend, Detective."