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Been a while since you picked up a book? Our book recommendations can help you get back into reading .

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If you're looking for fantasy - progression fantasy , epic fantasy , anything to do with dragons - we can suggest a range of great titles.

Too otherworldly for your tastes? Maybe non-fiction?

How about discovering thrilling tales of WW-II , or an interesting memoir instead?

Disturbing Books?

Maybe you need a story that will break your heart into thousands of pieces? Or a bleak and unsettling one that'll leave it stone cold?

Like Romance?

What sort of romance , though?
Uhh....genres can get a bit perplexing, can't they? To make it easier you can search by trope, such as enemies to lovers , love triangles and second chance romance .

Thrillers, Mysteries, Spies and Plot Twists?

Need a serious plot twist in your life? How about an unreliable narrator to make things weird? We also have suggestions for thrillers , mysteries and books about spies

Prefer Shorter Reads?

If you're short on reading time, it might be worth having a look for short stories or novellas .

Still have no clue? Here are some more ideas:

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