How To Find Your Next Book To Read

Find suggestions by similar books

The easiest way to find your next book is to type in the title of a book you liked. For example, if you read and liked 'Harry Potter', then simply type in the book name, and we'll show you books that other readers usually suggest. (Try this)

Find suggestions by genre, sub-genre, subject, topic or keyword

You can also search for books by traditonal genre like fantasy,  romance,  horror or enter any search term like contemporary romance,  coming of age and others. See our Most Wanted Book Suggestions for more ideas

All the books on this site are connected. You can start with any one book and find similar ones. You can also see what other readers think of the book.

Where Are The Ratings?

We do not display ratings, and in our experience, ratings don't help much when looking for a new book. There are many books (maybe too many) with very high ratings, with no easy way to know which is a better match.
Almost all the books recommended here are already highly rated, usually over 4 stars, with the combined benefit of having been explicitly recommended by a (human) reader