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The complete and unabridged translation of Victor Hugo's classic novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The setting of this extraordinary historical novel is medieval Paris: a city of vividly intermingled beauty and ugliness, surging with violent life u... View details

Three hundred and forty-eight years, six months, and nineteen days ago today the Parisians were awakened by the sound of loud peals from all the bells within the triple precincts of the City, the Univ...
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In this spellbinding horror novel, a family trades their crime-ridden city for country life-and encounters an evil more sinister than they could have imagined

After watching his asthmatic daughter suffer in the foul city air, Theodore Constantine d... View details

I awakened that morning to birdsong. It was only the little yellow bird who lives in the locust tree outside our bedroom window, but I could have wrung his neck, for it was not yet six and I had a han...
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It could be worse. You could be stuck with a literal shoulder demon.

After dying and being reborn into a world that's built like a video game, Jim has found himself stuck in a very old world style new player zone for low level adventurers.

Unfortuna... View details

That came as a shock so I stood up, looking around the area. It was a grassy field, with beautiful flowers in all directions. Various herbs and plants were scattered throughout the areas, breaking u...
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Every jury has a leader, and the verdict belongs to him. In Biloxi, Mississippi, a landmark tobacco trial with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake beginsroutinely, then swerves mysteriously off course. The jury is behaving strangely, and at leas... View details

The face of Nicholas Easter was slightly hidden by a display rack filled with slim cordless phones, and he was looking not directly at the hidden camera but somewhere off to the left, perhaps at a cus...
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Strikingly original in its conception, ambitious in scope, with characters engrossingly and vividly drawn, the first book in R. Scott Bakker's Prince of Nothing series creates a remarkable world from whole cloth-its language and classes of people, it... View details

All spies obsessed over their informants. It was a game they played in the moments before sleep or even during nervous gaps in conversation. A spy would look at his informant, as Achamian looked at Ge...
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"The Avengers meets The Walking Dead with a large order of epic served on the side. . . . I loved it!"-Ernest Cline, New York Times bestselling author of Ready Player One

The first novel in Peter Clines' bestselling Ex series.

Stealth. Gorgon. Regene... View details

It’d been about three months since the Incident at the lab. “Incident” was how they kept referring to it in the news and in the therapy sessions, and the word had been beaten into my head by constant ...
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After a grizzly bear kills Antonia Valleau's trapper husband, she packs her few worldly possessions, leaves her home in the mountains of Montana, and treks to nearby Sweetwater Springs, seeking work to provide for her two young sons.

Reeling from th... View details

In the tree-shaded edge of pasture outside the barn, Erik Muth watched two newborn calves nurse, one on each side of their dam, and his chest swelled with satisfaction. Two heifers! A double blessing ...
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Shortly before turning 50, TV cooking show personality Augusta "Gus" Simpson discovers that the network wants to boost her ratings by teaming her with a beautiful, young new co-host. But Gus isn't going without a fight-whether it's off-set with her t... View details

Chocolate, coconut, lemon, strawberry, vanilla—she had a particular fondness for the classics. Even though she experimented with new flavors and frostings, drizzling with syrups and artfully arranging...
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Anita Shreve's hauntingly beautiful #1 bestseller and Oprah's Book Club selection about tragedy, grief, betrayal, and the 'impossibility of knowing another person.'

As a pilot's wife, Kathryn has learned to expect both intense exhilaration and long ... View details

SHE HEARD A KNOCKING, AND THEN A DOG BARKING. Her dream left her, skittering behind a closing door. It had been a good dream, warm and close, and she minded. She fought the waking. It was dark in the ...
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Die for Me is the first in an internationally bestselling paranormal romance series by Amy Plum. This thoroughly original young adult novel caused Booklist to proclaim, "Move over, Bella and Edward."

When Kate Mercier's parents die in a tragic car a... View details

I could have been anywhere, really, and it wouldn’t have mattered—I was blind to my surroundings. I lived in the past, desperately clinging to every scrap of memory from my former life. It was a life ...
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