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With music pulsing on every page, this startling, exhilarating novel of self-destruction and redemption "features characters about whom you come to care deeply as you watch them doing things ... More details on A Visit from the Goon Squad

It began the usual way, in the bathroom of the Lassimo Hotel. Sasha was adjusting her yellow eye shadow in the mirror when she noticed a bag on the floor beside the sink that must have belonged to the...
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"Powerful…clever…astonishing…a delicious read."

-Detroit Free Press

Rum Punch is classic Elmore Leonard-the electrifying thriller that served as the basis for the acclaimed film Jackie Brown by director Quentin Tarantino, starring Pam Grier, Robert... More details on Rum Punch

“Young skinhead Nazis,” Ordell said. “Look, even little Nazigirls marching down Worth Avenue. You believe it? Coming now you have the Klan, not too many here today. Some in green, must be the conehead...
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"Speedy, exhilarating, and smooth. Nobody does it better."

-Washington Post

"The man knows how to grab you-and Pronto is one of the best grabbers in years."

-Entertainment Weekly ... More details on Pronto

One evening, it was toward the end of October, Harry Arno said to the woman he’d been seeing on and off the past few years, “I’ve made a decision. I’m going to tell you something I’ve never told anyon...
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"A Hollywood hit….Taut, inimitable prose and characters who could have only sprung from the mind of Elmore Leonard."

-Detroit News

The Chicago Tribune has dubbed Elmore Leonard, "the coolest, hottest writer in America." In the same league as the le... More details on Get Shorty

Karen poured their coffee. She sat across from him at the kitchen table and watched him put two spoons of sugar in his and stir it slowly, carefully, smoking a cigarette. He looked up at her. She thou...
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Before there was Raylan, there was Sisco... U.S. Marshal Karen Sisco is on the hunt for world-class gentleman felon Jack Foley in Out of Sight, New York Times bestselling author Elmore Leonard's sexy thriller that moves from Miami to the Motor City. ... More details on Out of Sight

FOLEY HAD NEVER SEEN A PRISON WHERE YOU COULD WALK right up to the fence without getting shot. He mentioned it to the guard they called Pup, making conversation: convict and guard standing in a strip ...
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Winner of the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award for Fiction

Winner of the Gotham Book Prize

One of Barack Obama's "Favorite Books of the Year"

Oprah's Book Club Pick... More details on Deacon King Kong

Deacon Cuffy Lambkin of Five Ends Baptist Church became a walking dead man on a cloudy September afternoon in 1969. That’s the day the old deacon, known as Sportcoat to his friends, marched out to the...
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"Picasso would have loved his face."

An art exhibition in Queenstown, New Zealand results in an unlikely friendship and a reluctant love when shy art student Sophy James meets reticent security consultant Mick Hollister. Content with her solitude ... More details on Artistic License

Picasso would have loved his face. It was all brutal planes: the long blade of nose, the sharp jut of bone in cheek and jaw, the thin slashes of brows and lips. No angle of which sympathised with anot...
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"Remarkable . . . Scott Lynch's first novel, The Lies of Locke Lamora, exports the suspense and wit of a cleverly constructed crime caper into an exotic realm of fantasy, and the result is engagingly entertaining."-The Times (London)

An orphan's lif... More details on The Lies of Locke Lamora

LOCKE LAMORA’S RULE of thumb was this: a good confidence game took three months to plan, three weeks to rehearse, and three seconds to win or lose the victim’s trust forever. This time around, he plan...
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A Time Best YA Book of All Time (2021)

Jason Reynolds's Newbery Honor, Printz Honor, and Coretta Scott King Honor-winning, #1 New York Times bestselling novel Long Way Down is now a gripping, galvanizing graphic novel, with haunting artwork by Danica... More details on Long Way Down

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A man trapped in a millionare's deadly game of political and sexual betrayal

Filled with shocks and chilling surprises, The Magus is a masterwork of contemporary literature. In it, a young Englishman, Nicholas Urfe, accepts a teaching position on a G... More details on The Magus

I was born in 1927, the only child of middle-class parents, both English, and themselves born in the grotesquely elongated shadow, which they never rose sufficiently above history to leave, of that mo...
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