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The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Invited to an extravagantly lavish party in a Long Island mansion, Nick Carraway, a young bachelor who has just settled in the neighbouring cottage, is intrigued by the mysterious host, Jay Gatsby, a flamboyant but reserved self-made man with murky business interests and a shadowy past. As the two m... Read More

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Loved It

9/24/2022 4:24:47 PM
american fiction
beautiful prose

The combined greatness and insignificance of humanity, rendered in the most beautifully composed words. This is, without a doubt, the Great American Novel. This book is one of a kind, and it reveals the lengths that individuals will go to in order to demonstrate how much they care about and love the... Read More

About the Author:

F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940) was born into a well-to-do Catholic family living in St Paul, Minnesota. At Princeton University he decided to become a writer, leaving without graduating in 1917 to join the army when America entered the First World War. Believing he would be killed at the front, he hurriedly wrote the novel that would become This Side of Paradise, but in the end was not sent to Europe. The novel was published in 1920 to great critical acclaim. He married Zelda Sayre a week after the publication and they embarked on an extravagant lifestyle in New York. Their marriage was blighted by alcoholism, mental illness and ... Read More