Hilary Leichter
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'Terrifyingly entertaining.' Kelly Link

'Masterful.' Washington Post

''Alice in Wonderland set in the gig economy.' New York Times

'What is this?' Los Angeles Times

Shortlisted for the Center for Fiction's 2020 First Novel Prize

18 boyfriends. 23 jobs. One ghost who occasionally pops in to give advice. Welcome to the world of the Temporary.

'There is nothing more personal than doing your job'. So goes the motto of the Temporary, as she takes job after job, in search of steadiness, belonging, and something to call her own. Aided by her bespoke agency and a cast of boyfriends - each allotted their own task (the handy boyfriend, the culinary boyfriend, the real estate boyfriend) - she is happy to fill in for any of us: for the Chairman of the Board, a ghost, a murderer, a mother. Even for you, and for me.

Wild, hopeful, infinitely sad and infinitely funny, Temporary is the smartest, most humane story of what it is to work and live, here and now.


I have a shorthand kind of career. Short tasks, short stays, short skirts. My temp agency is an uptown pleasure dome of powder-scented women in sensible shoes. As is customary, I place my employment i...

About the Author:

Hilary Leichter has been published in the New York Times, n+1, the New Yorker, the Cut, and Conjunctions. She teaches writing at Columbia University and has been awarded fellowships from the Folger Shakespeare Library and the New York Foundation for the Arts.Photo credit: Sylvie Rosokoff

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