Coldheart Canyon: A Hollywood Ghost Story

Clive Barker
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"[Clive Barker] is a mapmaker of the mind, charting the farthest reaches of the imagination."

- Washington Post

From The Books of Blood to Hellraiser to Imajica, Abarat, and Mister B. Gone, Clive Barker's extraordinary vision knows no bounds. With Coldheart Canyon, the New York Times bestselling master of dark fantasy who has been called "a cross between Stephen King and Gabriel Garcia Marquez" (Boston Herald) thrills readers with a "Hollywood ghost story" as audacious and chilling as anything he (or anyone else) has ever written. USA Today calls it, "Endlessly entertaining…wickedly enjoyable," and fans everywhere will agree-a tense and winding trip down into the hellish depths of Coldheart Canyon is well worth making.


Father Sandru, however, was not willing to let the issue go just yet. "After the two of you departed yesterday," he said, his English colored by his native Romanian, "one of the brothers remarked that...


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