Riches To Riches: Part One

Abbs Valley (Book 1)

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**This book has been professionally edited since its first release**

**Updated version live 3/18/23. Please make sure you update to the newest version**

When Dad died, he made me the leader of the Italian Mafia. That position was unheard of for a woman until me.

Ryder, Dex, Gage, and Holden are my team, my closest friends. Then Leo waltzes into my life, turning it upside down, along with everyone in it.

One lie. One secret.

That's all it took to bring it all burning down around me. Jealousy and hidden desires from the four guys I thought only saw me as a friend and their Boss stoke the flames even higher.

With a new guy in my life, four guys vying for my affection, a past flame that refuses to be blown out, and threats lurking in every corner; I have to fight like hell to come out of the fire alive.

Especially since I have a secret of my own.

**Riches To Riches is Part One of a duet and will end on a cliffhanger. It's a reverse harem/polyamorous romance intended for mature readers only. The FMC doesn't choose between love interests and there is male/male relationships/content. It's set in a fictional city in California, Abbs Valley, and will be the first of this world with more to come. Be sure to check the content/trigger warnings in the front of the book before proceeding.

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