Midnight Kisses

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What does a cat, a one-night stand, and a game of Catan all have in common? Love.

Despite being the football coach's daughter, Greta Sahnoun resents the sport and is furious when her best friend mistakes a football house party for a frat kegger. Instead of mingling inside, Greta seeks solitude in the backyard and, not surprising to anyone that knows her, winds up kissing the jaded stranger outside with her. A little dry humping and a brief exchange about cats later, the two wind up in her apartment for a night of casual, raunchy fun.

Otis Morgan is a Heisman-winning quarterback with a bad knee and a penchant for being in love. He's a little full of himself and craves recognition, but that's expected of a collegiate NFL recruit. When Greta refuses to see him again after their night together, it's no surprise that he takes it hard and says things he shouldn't, and because the universe is out to get him, Greta overhears. Always one to put people in their place, she wagers a bet with Otis, one that ends with the good kind of choking.

Suddenly, what's supposed to be a just-one-more-time lapse in judgment turns into a recurring mistake, one they both enjoy immensely. But like all relationships, the two hit an impasse. Greta has never been good with emotions-feeling them, dealing with them, and most of all, surrendering herself to them.

They say love hurts, so maybe it's a good thing Greta enjoys a little pain.

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