Wed to the Wild God

Aspect And Anchor (Book 3)

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When I find a gorgeous stranger in an alley, covered in blood, you'd think the logical thing would be to go to the authorities.

Not me. I take him home.

I've got my reasons, though. See, Kassam is cursed with hedonism. He's a god from another world, accidentally stuck in ours. Anyone (and everyone) around him falls under his spell. It's impossible to resist. Like scratching an itch. And being around Kassam? Boy, do I itch.

But trying to send the god home to his world is a near-impossible task. Between everyone we meet trying to kiss him and the gods of this world trying to get rid of him, I'm in over my head. There's only one solution that will keep me safe - marry him. Being the wife of a god will protect me from immortal machinations.

Now, I just need to figure out a way to protect my heart from Kassam himself.


I lift my shoulder, using it to hold the phone to my ear as I clean a mug behind the bar. It's almost opening time, so I need to make this call to my mom short, but I can hear the worry in her voice. ...

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