Alien Bonds

Wakanreo (Book 1)

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A story of two very different people from two very different cultures, a sort of AVATAR combined with PRIDE & PREJUDICE. In ALIEN BONDS, two lives are changed in an instant. Industrial chemist Dina Bellaire travels all the way to the planet Wakanreo to advance her career. Her carefully planned life goes up in flames the second she meets Kuaron Du, a Wakanrean who makes his living singing ancient songs in a dead language. Both of them know they can't go back to the way they were before they met. They just have to convince the rest of the universe that what happened to them is real. From Kirkus Reviews-- "Buxton offers an SF story about interplanetary love triumphing, despite the odds.. . . readers will feel truly immersed in their religion, values, and technology of Wakanreo and appreciate the relevance of Buxton's depiction of a couple fighting for their relationship in a climate of intolerance in this thought-provoking work. A dense but often engrossing tale, grounded in a relatable love affair." -- Kirkus Reviews


Dina ran one hand down the smooth red fabric of her fanciest party dress. The loose folds of the long skirt hid the tiny bulge of her pocket com. She put on her jacket, and the gray gloves she had wor...

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