Stay With Me

Stay with Me (Book 1)

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Hardback Collector's EditionThe complete Stay With Me series book including books 1-3- Stay With Me-Even When I'm Gone-Now Open Your EyesIn a desperate final attempt to save nineteen-year-old Mia from herself, she gets transferred to Dolor University, a reformatory college in the UK that housed deranged and dangerous young adults who viewed the private institution as their own personal playground.

Mia didn't care. She needed feelings to care. She'd keep her head down, ignore everyone, and make it through the next two years effortlessly.Though Mia never anticipated Ollie Masters.With green eyes, tattoos, and the voice of a poet, she is quickly drawn to him.

But because of her sociopath tendencies, she knows it could only end in one of two ways. Either he will be the one to free her from her past, or she will be the one to destroy him.


Diane had grown tired of my acting out and blamed it on my father’s increasing abandonment of the belief I could be cured. My father, the simple and passive-aggressive man he was, took each harsh word...

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