God's Eye: Awakening: A Labyrinth World Novel

Aleron Kong
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From WallStreet Journal bestselling author Aleron Kong comes, Awakening,Book One of God's Eye, the long awaited second series of the LabyrinthUniverse!

Discover a unique new world seen from the perspective of a newly born god in abreathtaking saga of divine proportions.

Telos is a world at the center of a Universe. A bright jewel wrapped in aLattice of realities. It is a world that gods and demons call home at thebeginning of a new age. Remy is a newly risen deity, struggling to survive in aBattle Royale where the consequences are worse than death and last longer thandamnation.

He will find that he cannot live with his tribe of worshippers. Their strengthis his, and his is theirs. Other tribes want nothing more than to feast upontheir flesh and consume their power. It is a deadly race of technology andpower, faith and corruption, of commoners and legends.

Gods of ancient pantheons and demons of forbidden nightmares compete in atimeless game where the stakes are the souls of every living being. These oldforces will come to fear a newly risen god.

His name will become a curse on their lips. His name will be a chant in themouths of the faithful. His name will be carved in time.

Zero Fell, Zero Fell, ZERO FELL!

My friends, this book is five years in the making. Set in the same Universe asThe Land, I hope you enjoy this new world with new magics. New friends to cheerfor and new enemies to hate.

As always, I wish you a wonderful life!

Peace, Love and the Perfect Margarita,

Aleron Kong

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