Shade's First Rule

Divine Apostasy (Book 1)

A.F. Kay
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A new Fantasy LitRPG world has arrived!

It's Ruwen's Ascension Day, and he finally dies for the first time. His newly revived body can learn Spells and Abilities for the Class given him by the Goddess Uru, and dying is no longer permanent.

Ruwen's high intelligence makes becoming a Mage inevitable. With his new powers, he will locate his parents and clear their family name. But nothing goes as Ruwen imagined, and when a rival God tries to kill Ruwen shortly after his disastrous Ascension, his focus turns from his future to just surviving.

His choices place him in the middle of an ancient war, and he must overcome the limitations of his unexpected Class to reach level five. Only then will he have the tools needed to survive. But dying now comes with a terrible penalty, and failing Uru might not only cost him his life and loved ones but his entire world.

It turns out dying on your Ascension Day is the easy part.


He stepped out of his home and into the predawn light, alone. Almost a year had passed since his parents had disappeared, but this morning, their absence was especially hard to ignore. Ascendancy was ...

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Loved It

Unexpectedly delightful. A whirlwind of a story filled with action, suspense, adventure, whimsy, and humor. The entire series so far has been a delight.

1/8/2023 8:09:44 PM

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