Buryoku (Book 1)

Aaron Oster
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progression fantasy


In a world of titans, where Martial Artists reign supreme, Roy is wholly unremarkable. Without the power to channel the Essence of the world, he is weak and defenseless. Adopted into the Shah clan after his parents' deaths, he is forced to do menial labor day after day, all while enduring the ridicule and physical abuse of his supposed family.

Weakness is punishable by death in Buryoku and in the Shah clan, there is no one weaker than Roy. But even the weak can rise up, when pushed to the brink…


Roy jumped aside as Shah Koya ran past, followed closely by a group of other Yellow-Belts. He stumbled, nearly falling to the ground as his lame leg was jostled by one of the passing group. Luckily, h...

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