The Kingpin of Camelot

A Kinda Fairytale (Book 3)

Cassandra Gannon
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Winner of the Romantic Times award for best Fantasy Romance of the Year!

In a world where fairytale characters are real, there are laws in place that attempt to keep the wicked witches, ugly stepsisters, and big, bad, wolves under control. But now, the bad guys are fighting for their rights...

The Queen: Guinevere must save Camelot. Ever since Arthur died, the evil Scarecrow has been trying to marry her and gain the crown. Unfortunately, the only man strong enough to help her is Kingpin Midas, a flashy, uneducated mobster dealing with a curse. Gwen is a logical, rational woman, though, and she can draft one hell of a contract. She's pretty sure she can come up with an offer not even the kingdom's greatest villain can refuse.

The Kingpin: Anything Midas touches turns to gold. Literally. The curse has helped him to rule Camelot's underworld with an iron fist. He's convinced there's nothing he can't buy. One look at Gwen and Midas knows that he's about to make his most brilliant purchase, yet. He's about to own the one woman in the world he would give anything to possess. All he has to do to claim her is somehow win a war against the smartest man in Camelot, hide his growing feelings from Gwen, and adjust to a five year old demanding bedtime stories from a gangster. Simple, right?

Can their "fake marriage" become more real than either of them ever imagined?

"To summarize (The Kingpin of Camelot), crazy worldbuilding, a huge fierce marshmallow of a hero disguised as a terrible monster, a queen who assures everyone that she is not a violent person after shooting people threatening her child, funnies, and a surprisingly sweet romance. ….I don't want to ruin it, because you have to discover Midas."- Ilona Andrews, #1 New York Times Bestselling author


Since that wasn’t happening today, she comforted herself with her drawings. Avalon liked to draw. Her mommy said she was the best artist in the whole world and had set up a special place for her, on t...

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