The Animal Wife

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
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Set in prehistoric Siberia, a “psychologically acute and soaringly imaginative” novel by a New York Times–bestselling author (Publishers Weekly). In this novel by the author of Reindeer Moon, set in the Paleolithic age, Kori lives among his hunter-gatherer people, guilty with the knowledge that his unborn child is being carried by his shaman father’s new wife.

Then, Kori impulsively seizes another woman, from a different tribe, after seeing her swimming in a pond—putting his group in danger. He calls the woman Muskrat, and her customs, beliefs, and language are utterly alien to him.

And their relationship may bring either joy or bloodshed . . . From an author and anthropologist known for both her fiction and her nonfiction—including the bestsellers The Hidden Life of Dogs and The Tribe of Tiger—this is a compelling tale “likely to appeal to Clan of the Cave Bear fans” (Library Journal).


MY FATHER was named for a bird—the swift—because he was born in winter, when the Bear wants us named for animals. I must have been born in some other season, because my name is ordinary—Kori. I was ve...


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