Ghost Walk

Cassandra Gannon
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pirate romance


He found the love of his life in his afterlife...

Grace Rivera just wants to be normal. She's the only member of her spell-casting, fortune-telling family who isn't hunting unicorns or trying to discover the lost recipe for Troll Powder. Trained as a crime scene investigator, she believes in cold, hard facts, even when she's stuck working as tour guide. And right now, the cold, hard facts are telling Grace that she's lost her mind.

Captain James Riordan was unjustly hanged for murder on July 4th 1789. Ever since then, the former pirate has been haunting the streets of Harrisonburg, Virginia, trying to find some way to clear his name. Unfortunately, it's impossible to prove his innocence as an incorporeal ghost, so mostly he whiles away his un-life watching teen soaps on TV and tagging along on Harrisonburg's nightly Ghost Walk. Tonight, though, things are looking up for Jamie, because there's a new tour guide leading the group. And she's the first person in centuries that can actually see him.

Now Grace and Jamie are working together to solve a two hundred year old crime. From the eighteenth century and back again, the two of them are determined to clear Jamie's name and set history right. Even if it means some time-traveling forensics work. …And especially if it means a scoundrel of a ghost and a girl who just wants to be normal somehow fall in love along the way.


At this point in her career, Grace Rivera had learned to block out the full horror of it, but she still felt a surge of sadness for the poor woman lying on the pavement. The girl was young, with strin...

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