The Great Tree of Avalon

Merlin Saga (Book 9)

T.A. Barron
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The Great Tree of Avalon saga comes to an end as warlord Rhita Gawr, now a vengeful dragon bent on conquest, leads an army across the land-and the only thing that stands in his way is a trio of unlikely heroes.


Master Lott planted his fists on his flabby hips, jangling the bells on his belt. He glared up at the young man climbing the ladder. “You’ll drop your load again—for the fifth time today. And you’ll neve...

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David Faber
Liked It
high fantasy, epic fantasy, magical realism

Magic, shapeshifting, dragons, Avalon, what more could a reader want in a merlin story? Everyone wants to find a magical tree growing someplace.

3/19/2023 3:58:12 PM

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