Not Another Vampire Book

Not Another Vampire (Book 1)

Cassandra Gannon
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What’s worse than editing the stupidest supernatural romance novel ever written? Getting stuck inside of it. Karalynn Donnelly has somehow been transported into Eternal Passion at Sunset, a vampire love story filled with enough clichés, anachronisms, and run-on sentences to drive any hardworking book editor insane.

To make matters worse, Kara accidently prevents the story’s hero and heroine from even meeting.

Now Slade, the idiot Vampire King, thinks Kara’s his destined mate and Melessa, his actual bride, has run off to join a Wild West show. If Kara’s going to find her way home, she needs to get this story back on track. But, teaming up with the novel’s bad guy might not be the best place to start.

Damien, last of the Wizard-Warlocks, thinks Kara is the key to destroying his archenemy Slade.

Snarky, charismatic, and unrepentantly villainous, Damien hates the Vampires and he’s very interested in what Karalynn might know about all the changes happening in his world. Somehow, Kara has to reunite Slade and Melessa, dodge kidnapping Vampires, fight fire breathing dragons, and deal with her own growing feelings for a handsome bad guy who’s starting to seem an awful lot like her knight in shining armor…


Every Vampire had an Eternal-One. One woman he was tied to forever. Destroying the woman meant destroying the Vampire. And Damien wouldn’t rest until he’d destroyed Slade. The Vampires had hunted ...

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