The Last Ride

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A novel of the American West narrates the story of a dying man's attempts to make peace with his daughter, their struggle to rescue his granddaughter from renegades and slave traders, and his lifelong search for inner peace


Brake Baldwin spotted the horseman as he rode clear of the tamarisk trees. He pulled his spectacles down, watching over the newspaper to see that the stranger was actually coming in, then shoved them ...

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page turner, realistic fiction, books about friendship...More

"The Last Ride" by Thomas Eidson was an influence on me when I was writing "The Stolen Angels" . I found it an enthralling book and it was also made into a very good film which starred, among others, Tommy Lee Jones and Val Kilmer. The idea of children being kidnapped can be a very disconcerting subject matter but one that I believed would make a good story. "The Last Ride" was a book that I couldn't put down and made me want to see the film. As soon as I saw the film I knew that I wanted to write a novel about the kidnap of children and so "The Stolen Angels" came to fruition.

6/20/2023 9:48:49 PM

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The Last Ride?

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