Destroyer of Light

Hades & Persephone (Book 2)

Rachel Alexander
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The marriage of Hades and Persephone blossoms and their mysterious grove in the world below thrives... ...while the sunlit world withers. Demeter holds out in Eleusis, pushing both mankind and the gods to frozen starvation in order to reclaim her daughter. The newly married rulers of the dead must reach an accord with Persephone's mother to stay her deadly course- and come face to face with sacrifice, responsibility, and the balance of power among the gods. Destroyer of Light concludes the erotic romance begun in Receiver of Many: a battle of wills among the gods is writ large across the dying earth, a cruel sorcerer-king faces his trial, and the King and Queen of the Underworld realize a destiny that the Fates alone could have foreseen.


Indigo was the color of mourning, she thought. Mourning was the unwillingness to accept that the time spent above was a fleeting moment in the journey of the soul from mortal to shade and back again. ...

About the Author:

Rachel Alexander has been a resident of California all her life and finished her first novel at age 16. She co-wrote a play that won awards from Bill Moyers of PBS and the University of Southern California. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Literary Criticism with an emphasis on creative writing. When not writing, Rachel can often be found sewing corsets, overstocking her spice cabinet, and petting chickens. She is married and lives in San Carlos, CA with her wonderful husband/editor.

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