The Way West

The Big Sky (Book 2)

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An enormously entertaining classic, THE WAY WEST brings to life the adventure of the western passage and the pioneer spirit. The sequel to THE BIG SKY, this celebrated novel charts a frontiersman's return to the untamed West in 1846. Dick Summers, as pilot of a wagon train, guides a group of settlers on the difficult journey from Missouri to Oregon. In sensitive but unsentimental prose, Guthrie illuminates the harsh trials and resounding triumphs of pioneer life. With THE WAY WEST, he pays homage to the grandeur of the western wilderness, its stark and beautiful scenery, and its extraordinary people.


THE DAY dawned clear, but it had rained the night before, the sudden squally rain of middle March. Taking a look out the kitchen door, seeing the path lead down to the muddy barnyard and the tracks of...

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A. B. GUTHRIE, JR. (1901-1991), was the author of numerous books, including six Big Sky novels, as well as the Academy Award-nominated screenplay for the classic film Shane. He received the 1950 Pulitzer Prize for his novel The Way West. Guthrie was honored for his contribution to literature and his portrayal of the American West.

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"The Last Wagon Train" was very much influenced after reading "The Way West" by A.B. Guthrie Jr. This was an excellent book with a fantastic storyline about the interaction of the characters and the adventures and obstacles that the settlers on the wagon train had to overcome on their way to Oregon. The book was made into a fantastic film of the same name which starred Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum and Richard Widmark, Three of my favourite actors in one of my favourite films. Some of the events experienced by the characters in the book assisted me in creating the plotline for "The Last Wagon Train" and I am truly thankful to A.B. Guthrie for bringing to print such a wonderful story and I would recommend anyone who has read "The Way West" and enjoyed it to read "The Last Wagon Train" and hopefully they will find it just as enjoyable.

6/21/2023 11:08:24 AM

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