City of Glass

The Mortal Instruments (Book 3)

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bad boy


Clary followed by family and Jace Lightwood is in Alicante, the capital of Idris, which stores the last weapon - Mirror of death - for which hunts Valentin. Spaced apart and find peace only one in whose hands is the mirror. In the fight against Valentin Nephilim unite with the werewolves and other undead, and Clary of angel Iturielya hands will receive a new rune, but what does it mean, the girl learns only after the decisive battle. All mysteries and all mysteries will be unraveled, but the main thing - what the future holds in store for Jace and Clary? - recognizes the one who will turn the last page of the trilogy.


It would be better to be friendly, not angry; yelling at him will just make him defensive. He has to understand that I belong here, just like he does. I don’t need to be protected like a piece of deli...

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City of Glass?

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