Code Name Verity

Code Name Verity (Book 1)

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When a Scottish spy named Queenie is seized by the Nazi SS, she is certain she will be killed. The Nazis torture her and tell her that if she wishes to stay alive, she must disclose top-secret information and explain the purpose of her mission. Queenie agrees to do so and is given paper and pen to write down her story.

Clever Queenie then tells the tale of how she became involved in the war and how she came to be best friends with a gifted pilot named Maddie. She describes in great detail her relationship with Maddie, the workings of the British war effort, and the story behind her mission. Her writing is so vivid and enthralling that even the SS officer in charge becomes wrapped up in her intricate tale. By the story's climactic end, the confession Queenie has constructed falls brilliantly into place. But is it enough to save her life?

This gripping story is a first-rate mystery and a riveting spy novel wound into one, but ultimately it's also a triumphant tale that celebrates the unique power of female friendship.

2013 Printz Honor Book


Just can’t think when it happened. She checked her papers, I checked my papers, Sergeant Silvey checked both of us, that headmistressy Special Operations officer who was nannying her checked, everybod...

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